Zoning by-law to protect solar access by Martin d'Anjou

Proper legislation such as a zoning by-law protecting solar radiation access can go a long way in evolving our building practices and in encouraging sustainability.

Mid Size Heat Store by Ron Tolmie

A larger version of the Minimalist heat store that can store up to 19,500,000 kWh of heat and that can reduce the electric power consumption for air conditioning by up to 5,000,000 kWh. It is suitable for larger communities, or for large buildings, and can integrate a cogenerator so that heat, cooling, hot water and electricity are all provided in an extremely economical package.

Okotoks (Drake Landing), A Different Concept by Ron Tolmie

Explains the differences between a solar heat collection system (Okotoks) and the atmospheric energy systems described above and in the previous issue of Sustainability-Journal.ca

Sustainability Journal

March 2007 Issue (files are in PDF format)